Libby in the News

Links to news articles written by or about Libby Davies.

  • Minister not welcome: MP

    MP Libby Davies has joined the fight to keep an American church group, which plans to protest a Vancouver play about a murdered gay man, from crossing the border.

  • Vancouver play a walk on the wild side

    Paul Decarie has lived in the rough Downtown Eastside for 15 years, but it wasn't until he heard the music and listened to the lyrics that he understood how his neighbourhood became more than a collection of streets and alleys. "We live there and we know it is our home and where our friends and family live," said Decarie, 51, who attended the play's recent preview. "We all have our own histories of how we got there, but I don't think many of us knew about the history of the Downtown Eastside."

  • Downtown Eastside love-in sings

    Bruce: The Musical, written by former Vancouver Sun reporter Bob Sarti with music composed by Bill Sample and Earle Peach, has got to be one of the most unlikely concepts: a musical about an abrasive alcoholic logger/steelworker who spends three months in rehab and comes out ready to take on city hall?

  • Bruce inspires more than community

    In writing the songs for Bruce -- The Musical, Bill Sample learned about activist Bruce Eriksen. What he discovered was that Eriksen was a recovered alcoholic who lived in the rundown Downtown Eastside. His exposure to the derelicts and drunks and addicts he lived among made him understand that here was a neighbourhood without hope. It inspired in him a goal to cultivate a community spirit that could overcome the eastside's problems. Along the way, Eriksen married politician Libby Davies and by her became a father.

  • Report Back from Montebello

    Protests like the one at Montebello are essential to a healthy democracy. Bush, Harper and their cronies should think twice before assuming they will get away with fooling the people.

  • Women Kick Harper's Ass

    When more than 40 women gathered in a classroom at the SFU Harbour Centre campus on December 8, they weren’t in any mood to celebrate. On the contrary, they wanted to alert the media to a series of actions they felt the Stephen Harper government had taken to erode women’s rights in Canada. Seven speakers from different women’s organizations took their place at the front of the room, ready to explain their positions and answer questions from reporters.