Bill C-304 moves back to Parliament for final vote

March 10, 2011
C-304 Update

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to provide you with a quick update on Bill C-304, my National Housing Strategy Bill.

On Tuesday the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada committee approved the jurisdictional amendment to C-304, passed with support from the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP members of the committee. We are now working to bring it back into Parliament for its final vote as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who continues to show their support for Bill C-304 – your efforts have helped us get the closest that Canada has ever been to a National Housing Strategy!



This Update from Libby was posted on March 10, 2011


Bill C-304 A National Housing Strategy

Ms. Davies thank-you for your long term commitment to insure that all Canadians have a right to affordable, accessible, adequate and safe housing. Adoption of Bill C-304 would represent a milestone in Canda's social and political development. Your bill promotes a truly inclusive society and it stands so compatibly alongside the legacy of Mr. Tommy Douglas, and that is, of course, our healthcare system.
I hope that if Bill C-304 passes third reading that it won't be struck down by the Senat. It was heartbreaking to see Bill C-311 from your colleage Linda Duncan summarily dismissed with no analysis or consideration of the bill by the unelected, partisan, bloated and outdated senate. I hope Bill C-311 will find wings another time. In the meantime I commend you on your forward thinking legislation and pray for it's full adoption and implementation. Thank-you!

Bill C-304

How long will it take to find out about when the final vote is going to occur?

Thank you for all of your hard work!


NDP misses the mark

I read bill C-304 and I can't see how it help make housing affordable at all. It calls for politicians to talk. It calls for more credit to homebuyers, and money for low income housing. You are not addressing the obvious problem. Shelter is a human necessity and all people should have a right to affordable shelter. Housing should not be considered an investment.

The CMHC is not fulfilling it's mandate to make home ownership accessible to all Canadians. It is doing the opposite by deliberately inflating a huge real estate bubble. They insure real estate speculators, and have bought $125 billion of mortgage backed securities from the banks so they can reap huge profits lending out cheap money without worrying about the risk.

"This amounts to a subsidy to our highly profitable commercial banks, real estate developers and speculators. The greater good would be served if housing prices fell to where a fair and unfettered market dictate, thus squeezing out real estate inflation and creating sound ownership opportunities."

This quote should have come from somebody in the NDP, but it didn't. This is a quote from National Post Columnist, Diane Francis.
CMHC bubble is 100% made in Canada