Libby calls on government to support a national housing strategy

The Big City Mayors (22 mayors representing Canada's largest cities) met in Toronto this week at the annual general meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. They identified housing and homelessness as a top concern. Libby raised these concerns in Question Period.

May 28, 2010

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East):

Mr. Speaker,

Canada’s big city mayors met this week and are calling for a national housing strategy, saying homelessness needs immediate attention.
Yet the government refuses to take a leadership role.

Two single moms, a cancer survivor, and a father of four have been forced to take this government to court for a decent place to live. They want the minister to sit down with all the stakeholders and implement a national strategy to deal with this crisis.

Will this government finally wake up to the growing housing problem in this country and support a national housing strategy?

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East):

Mr. Speaker,

The same old announcements of the same old dollars won’t solve Canada’s housing crisis. The Minister knows that the Conservatives are cutting $500 Million dollars in federal subsidies for existing affordable housing units.

The FCM and over 50 major organizations have endorsed Bill C-304 for safe and affordable housing.

Will the government support Bill C-304 and sit down with all levels of government to develop and implement a national housing strategy?

This Question Period Transcript was posted on May 28, 2010