Libby speaks up on the dangers of residential cell phone towers

House of Commons
December 8, 2010

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker,

Constituents in my riding are deeply concerned about cell phone towers popping up in our neighbourhoods, especially in Hastings-Sunrise and Grandview-Woodlands.

Residents are very worried that cell phone towers in residential areas make people sick. The Vancouver School Board was so concerned about the impact on childrens’ health it passed a regulation that they not be built within 350 metres of a school. Yet towers are being placed within a few metres of residential buildings where children live.

The Standing Committee on Health issued a report recommending the government research the long-term health effects of exposure to radiation from these towers, particularly its effects on children. I urge the government follow its recommendations.

I call on the government to also immediately, put rules in place, that require telecom companies to consult and seek the approval of the community and local municipalities, before they place these towers. We cannot let telecoms invade our communities and jeopardize our peoples’ health.

This Statement in the House of Parliament was posted on December 8, 2010


Cell Phone Towers

Dear Ms. Davies:
Thank you so much for addressing this important issue. We have recently had a cellphone tower placed within a few metres of our property line. We are most concerned about this. We are not aware that any information was disseminated prior to its installation. It just "appeared" one day. Is there any recourse once it has been installed? I noticed that in North Vancouver, the people have had advanced warning and are signing a petition to keep it from being installed. Why would this not have been done in our case.

Our property is at the corner of McGill and Nanaimo.

I thank you for any input you could give concerning this. I would also be willing to serve on a committee about this issue.
Yours truly,
Nita Tuan

Libby Davies's picture

Thanks for your message

Hi Nita,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately there is no recourse for cell phone towers installed under 15 metres. However, I am working on Bill to submit to Parliament to change the current Industry Canada rules surrounding the installation of cell phone towers.

I think this is a very important issue in the community right now, which is why I am holding a forum on cell phone towers on February 20th from 1-3pm at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House (2425 Oxford St). Please come join me and find out more information about this topic and share your concerns!

You can also continue to find updates here on my website.