Libby's Statement on Animal Cruelty Laws

House of Commons
March 7, 2011

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):
Mr. Speaker,

I, like many in BC, was horrified to learn of the slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Whistler. These dogs were massacred in an inhumane and cruel manner, and then buried in a mass grave. The public reaction has been huge, as Canadians express their outrage and sadness about this appalling crime.

I’d also like to thank the many people who sent petitions banning cat and dog fur and petitions pressing banning human consumption of horse meat. I am very pleased to have seconded Bill C-618 on banning cat and dog fur.

I strongly support Bill C-229, to strengthen cruelty to animals laws so that those responsible for such acts are punished accordingly.

All these important citizen initiatives have focused our attention on what needs to be done.

Animal cruelty laws must be effective and they must not be stripped down in the Senate. I urge all members to join together to protect animals and prevent animal cruelty.

This Statement in the House of Parliament was posted on March 7, 2011


Animal Cruelty Legislation

Dear Ms Davies,
MPs and MLAs alike are slowly realizing how important relevant and effective animal cruelty legislation is for Canadians!!

From the responses I have received back, not many Provincial and Federal Conservatives have joined in, as they feel that their work in animal cruelty legislation is complete with S-203. Now that is really quite sad to have that low of a standard.

Maybe they are as oblivious as many have said... or is that what they say about the Liberals?

You are a pro-active thinker being ahead of many of the other MPs and therefore a leader in my eyes. I still have hopes that many of the other dreaming politicians will wake up before it is too late. This WILL be an election issue, and they should make their stance known NOW.

No stance or statement indicates to all of us that they don't care.... big mistake. No that's inaccurate... HUGE mistake.

Thank you for listening!
Julia Trops