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Roger Waters lifts the curtain 21.05.2018 blogentry
SFU Lecture: Reflection of a life in politics 21.05.2018 blogentry
Thank you East Vancouver - Libby Davies - East Van Community Thank You Party 21.05.2018 blogentry
Marc Emery: An interview before U.S. prison 21.05.2018 blogentry, Drug Policy
Marking the 10th Anniversary of INSITE 18.09.2013 blogentry, Drug Policy, Health Care
Guest Blog by Dr. Norm Campbell: Bill C-460 Struck Down: A Big Loss for Canadian Health 10.05.2013 blogentry, Bill C-460, Health Care
An Intern’s Reflections on the Power of Community 15.04.2013 blogentry
22nd Annual Women's Memorial March 14.02.2013 blogentry, Missing Women
Guest Blog: Dr. Norm Campbell talks about reducing the sodium in our diets 30.01.2013 blogentry, Bill C-460
The facts on Bill C-460 and why I hope you'll support it 02.01.2013 blogentry, Bill C-460, Health Care
7th Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil 04.10.2012 blogentry, Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety
Your Support for Women's Rights 27.09.2012 blogentry
Guest Blog: A Reflection on my Internship with Libby 11.09.2012 blogentry
In Memoriam of Jack Layton 22.08.2012 blogentry
'Dear Jack', from Libby 22.08.2012 blogentry
Welcome to my new site! 21.03.2012 blogentry
In Memory of Jim Green 29.02.2012 blogentry
In support of Jim Green 21.02.2012 blogentry
My concerns about the Northern Gateway Pipeline 08.02.2012 blogentry, Environment
As Premiers prepare to meet in Victoria, civil society comes together to protect public health care 15.01.2012 blogentry, Health Care
An Intern’s Experiences during Remembrance Week… 16.11.2011 blogentry
Some thoughts about the tragic death of Jamie Hubley 19.10.2011 blogentry
In Support of Insite 30.09.2011 blogentry
Libby celebrates National Aboriginal Day 21.06.2011 blogentry
A week for housing 22.10.2010 blogentry
The Missing Women's Memorial March 2010 15.02.2010 blogentry
Hunger Strike Day 7 - Thankyou 16.01.2010 blogentry
Hunger Strike Day 6 - An Excellent Day 15.01.2010 blogentry
Hunger Strike Day 5 – Dealers and Memory Lane 14.01.2010 blogentry
Day 4 - Homelessness: It's so Solvable 13.01.2010 blogentry
Day 3 - Support for a National Housing Strategy 12.01.2010 blogentry
Lessons in the Rain - Hunger Strike Day 2 11.01.2010 blogentry
Hunger Strike for Homelessness - Day 1 10.01.2010 blogentry
Climate Change news 09.12.2009 blogentry
What Does Security Mean? 16.11.2009 blogentry
A long awaited win 02.10.2009 blogentry
Libby on increased funding for the CBC 24.09.2009 blogentry
Petition for Libby's National Housing Strategy Bill C-304 02.09.2009 blogentry
A tragic loss 27.08.2009 blogentry
Eastside Pride 24.08.2009 blogentry
700 Tunnels 14.08.2009 blogentry
UNWRA 14.08.2009 blogentry
24 hours in Gaza 13.08.2009 blogentry
We made it to Al Arish! 11.08.2009 blogentry
The City of Jerusalem 11.08.2009 blogentry
Hebron 10.08.2009 blogentry
A busy day in the West Bank 09.08.2009 blogentry
Our first day in Jerusalem 08.08.2009 blogentry
Report from the Middle East 07.08.2009 blogentry
Pride is Courage 30.07.2009 blogentry
Freedom to Love, Loving Freedom 27.07.2009 blogentry
The Tragic Situation of Live In Caregivers 09.07.2009 blogentry
National Day of Reconciliation 11.06.2009 blogentry
For the Record….It’s Decriminalization not Legalization - of the sex trade. 21.05.2009 blogentry
Hearing testimony on the failures of C-15 05.05.2009 blogentry
The STV thing 24.04.2009 blogentry
Walk 4 Justice 16.04.2009 blogentry
Gangs and Prohibition 04.03.2009 blogentry
A Right to Community 17.02.2009 blogentry
A Busy Week 06.02.2009 blogentry
Attack on Gaza must end 16.01.2009 blogentry
Libby's letter to Prime Minister on Gaza 07.01.2009 blogentry
Attack on Gaza 04.01.2009 blogentry
A Coalition for Change 03.12.2008 blogentry
First week back in the House 21.11.2008 blogentry
Congratulations to Vision and COPE! 20.11.2008 blogentry
Thoughts while visiting Revelstoke 07.07.2008 blogentry
Throne Speech Fails to Deliver on Affordable Housing 17.10.2007 blogentry
Protect diversity in Canadian media! 26.07.2007 blogentry
InSite Takes on Conservatives 06.09.2006 blogentry, Drug Policy
In Washington DC Supporting TroopsHomeFast 26.07.2006 blogentry
Calling for Federal Permit Renewal for Successful Safe Injection Facility 24.07.2006 blogentry, Drug Policy
On MP David Emerson Crossing the Floor 07.02.2006 blogentry
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