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Update from Libby
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Throwback Thursday: Kitsilano Closure - we saw this coming 23.04.2015 Environment, Ethics, Port of Vancouver, Social Policy
NEW DEMOCRATS RAMP-UP CAMPAIGN TO REVERSE HARPER’S COAST GUARD CUTS 14.04.2015 Environment, Media, Port of Vancouver, Safety
Take Back Our Coast 13.01.2015 Environment
Be a radical & save our coast! 27.06.2012 Environment
Food for Thought - Food Security Forum 30.06.2009 Environment
A Greener Homes Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Housing
A Greener Homes Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment
A Greener Industry Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
A Greener Transportation Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
Speaking Out for Greener Communities 01.10.2006 Environment
Question Period Transcript
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Greenhouse gas reductions: US regulates oil and gas sector (despite Prime Minister's claims yesterday), but not Canada 10.12.2014 Environment
B.C. Says NO to Northern Gateway pipeline 18.06.2014 Environment
Libby calls out the Conservative government on their environmental commitments 10.12.2010 Environment
Libby speaking out against HST 25.10.2010 Environment, Federal Budget
Libby Speaking Out on Budget Broken Promises 03.02.2009 Childcare, Environment, Federal Budget
Libby Speaks Out for Forestry Workers and Their Communities 16.05.2008 Environment, Jobs, Labour
Oil and Gas Subsidies 14.06.2006 Environment, Poverty
Budget Bill 10.05.2005 Childcare, Environment, Federal Budget, Housing
Speaking Out on the Environment 21.02.2005 Environment
Open Letter to Ministers & Public Officials
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NDP MPs urge the Conservative government to evaluate genetically modified salmon eggs 27.01.2014 Environment
Seeking action on the radioactive groundwater leaking from Fukushima 17.09.2013 Environment, Health Care
NDP BC MPs express their concerns about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project 24.02.2012 Environment
Speech in Parliament
Title Published Categorized
Preserving our coast! 20.11.2013 Environment
Libby speaks out against the Budget Implementation Act 04.05.2012 Environment, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Labour
Libby speaks out in support of the NDP motion to address climate change 05.12.2011 Environment
Libby speaks in support of C-474: An analysis of the potential harm of GE seeds 09.02.2011 Environment
Libby speaks ups to ban oil tanker traffic off BC's coast 02.12.2010 Environment
Libby speaking up for the NDP Climate Change Bill 08.10.2009 Environment
On Bill C-46, An Act to Provide for the Resumption and Continuation of Railway Operations 17.04.2007 Environment, Jobs, Labour, Safety
Reply to the Speech from the Throne 12.02.2004 Education, Environment, Ethics, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing
Kyoto 29.11.2002 Environment, Labour
Press Release
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Libby supports Green Commuters Bill 27.10.2009 Environment
Stop Outsourcing BC Jobs: NDP Demands to Keep Canadian Jobs in Canada 28.03.2007 Environment, Globalization, Jobs, Labour, Poverty
NDP Environmental Agenda Receives "Green" Light in Vancouver East 11.01.2007 Environment
Corporate Tax Cuts Won't Help Working Families 03.05.2006 Education, Environment, Federal Budget, Housing
Blog Entry
Title Published Categorized
My concerns about the Northern Gateway Pipeline 08.02.2012 Environment
Statement in the House of Parliament
Title Published Categorized
Libby's Motion for Public Transit 27.10.2009 Environment
Pesticides and the Environment 16.05.2006 Environment
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