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Update from Libby
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Hastings Park Commemoration of Internment of Japanese Canadians 26.04.2015 update, Citizenship and Immigration, Ethics
Throwback Thursday: Kitsilano Closure - we saw this coming 23.04.2015 update, Environment, Ethics, Port of Vancouver, Social Policy
Sign onto the NDP petition in opposition to Stephen Harper's "anti-terrorism" legislation, Bill C-51 19.02.2015 update, Democratic Reform, Ethics, Peace & International Security, Safety, Social Policy
Conservative shut down debate for the 40th time, happy anniversary! 04.06.2013 update, Democratic Reform, Ethics
How to report 'robocalls' 21.03.2012 update, Democratic Reform, Ethics
Check out Libby at the 'Robo-call' Rally last weekend! 04.03.2012 update, Democratic Reform, Ethics
Question Period Transcript
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Health Canada fails to enforce rules on direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals 09.12.2014 questionperiod, Drug Policy, Ethics, Health Care
Question Period: Twenty-five years after École Polytechnique, gender-based violence still persists 05.12.2014 questionperiod, Ethics, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
Question to Status of Women Minister: Will you support NDP motion to end violence against women?; Answer: ...? 04.12.2014 questionperiod, Ethics, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
Questioning the Health Minister in support of Canada's Thalidomide survivors 25.11.2014 questionperiod, Ethics, Health Care
Standing up for refugees 20.06.2014 questionperiod, Ethics
Questioning income splitting and F-35s 11.06.2014 questionperiod, Ethics
Questioning the Conservative government on the 'Fair' Elections Act 07.02.2014 questionperiod, Democratic Reform, Ethics
Libby questions the Conservative government's claims about Mike Duffy's payout 07.06.2013 questionperiod, Ethics
Libby questions the Conservative government on its Senators misuse of public funds 27.05.2013 questionperiod, Ethics
The Conservative government wants to rewrite history 06.05.2013 questionperiod, Arts and Culture, Ethics
The Conservative government's money mismanagement 03.05.2013 questionperiod, Economy, Ethics
Libby asks the Conservative government about their manipulative fundraising tactics 08.03.2012 questionperiod, Ethics
Libby asks for accountability from the Conservative government 18.02.2011 questionperiod, Ethics
Libby speaks up about CRTC Appointee 08.02.2011 questionperiod, Ethics
Conservative Scandals 18.04.2008 questionperiod, Ethics
The Conservative Party and the Sell-out of Canadian Space Technology 14.03.2008 questionperiod, Ethics, Globalization, Peace & International Security
Gomery Commission 11.04.2005 questionperiod, Childcare, Ethics, Health Care, Housing
Liberal Sponsorship Scandal 10.05.2004 questionperiod, Ethics
Liberal Sponsorship Scandal 16.02.2004 questionperiod, Ethics
Speech in Parliament
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Conservatives' Anti-Safe Injection Site Bill comes back to the House - Zero amendments accepted at Public Safety Committee 01.12.2014 speechparliament, Drug Policy, Ethics, Health Care, Homelessness, Poverty, Safety, Sex Trade, Social Policy
NDP Opposition Day Motion - Thalidomide Survivors 27.11.2014 speechparliament, Drug Policy, Ethics, Health Care
NDP takes control of HoC agenda for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 19.09.2014 speechparliament, Aboriginal, Ethics, Missing Women
Libby protests new ID rules in 'Fair' Elections Act 07.02.2014 speechparliament, Democratic Reform, Ethics
Libby introduces transparency motion at Health Committee 06.11.2013 speechparliament, Ethics, Health Care
Libby speaks out on the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act 19.06.2013 speechparliament, Ethics
Libby speaks out on the Senate Reform Act 22.11.2011 speechparliament, Democratic Reform, Ethics
Libby on voter fairness 28.05.2009 speechparliament, Ethics
Accountability Act, Bill C-2 27.04.2006 speechparliament, Ethics
Reply to the Speech from the Throne 12.02.2004 speechparliament, Education, Environment, Ethics, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing
Press Release
Title Published Categorized
PARLIAMENT WILL DEBATE COMPENSATION FOR THALIDOMIDE SURVIVORS 25.11.2014 pressrelease, Drug Policy, Ethics, Health Care, Media
NDP URGES COMPENSATION FOR THALIDOMIDE SURVIVORS 24.11.2014 pressrelease, Bills and Motions, Drug Policy, Ethics, Health Care, Media
CONSERVATIVES VOTE AGAINST MAKING QUESTION PERIOD MORE RELEVANT 01.10.2014 pressrelease, Democratic Reform, Ethics, Media
Open Letter to Ministers & Public Officials
Title Published Categorized
Medical marijuana patients deserve answers in privacy breach 27.11.2013 openletters, Ethics, Health Care
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