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Rita Wong: Why can't we elect B.C. university chancellors? 27.05.2018 libbyinnews
Freedom Flotilla boats to Gaza are sailing: Libby Davies and Ann Wright discuss importance of the action 27.05.2018 libbyinnews
THE WEST BLOCK: More attention needed by Board of Internal Economy for harassment allegations: Former MP 27.05.2018 libbyinnews
Singh finds himself in ‘a really tough situation’: Libby Davies 27.05.2018 libbyinnews
Libby Davies invested into Order of Canada - along with hockey legend Mark Messier, Great Big Sea frontman Alan Doyle 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
DOXA 2018: The Rankin File reveals Harry Rankin's love for underdogs as well as his troubling treatment of women 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Right To A Just Future For Palestine 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Don and Libby Davies both rule out Vancouver mayoral bids 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
International Women's Day 2018: Vancouver's 30 most influential female politicians in history 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
30 years after Canada's first MP came out, LGBT politicians still face challenges 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
It's time for the NDP to stand for democracy and human rights for Palestinians 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
What political hue is the city of Vancouver? And how will that influence the next choice for mayor? 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Left-of-centre politicians considering strategic voting in next Vancouver municipal election 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
NDP MPs past and present mull bids for Vancouver mayoral election 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Federal NDP's Libby Davies and Don Davies say they're considering runs for Vancouver mayor 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Is Libby Davies running for mayor? 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Roger Waters Confronts the Occupation of the Canadian Mind (VIDEO) 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Fighting for Space: new book looks at Vancouver's history with addiction 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh calls opioid epidemic national crisis on campaign-style Vancouver visit 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
'It's not a fight we've won': Vancouver's iconic nuclear war activists renew calls for peace 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Former NDP deputy leader Libby Davies endorses Charlie Angus to succeed Tom Mulcair 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users looks back on 20 years fighting for human rights 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
B.C. to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day with events in Vancouver and New Westminster 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Where Vancouver leads in LGBT progress: Local politicians make history in Canada 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
B.C. NDP cabinet includes bright minds, but there are still political potholes to avoid 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Jagmeet Singh Explains How His Federal Racial Profiling Ban Could Actually Work 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Q&A: Summit brings LGBTQ political leaders to Ottawa 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Leadership in Transitioning Times Panel 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Jean Swanson: Homelessness a problem that just keeps growing and growing 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
An Urgent Call on Overdose Crisis: Prescribe Drugs, End Prohibition 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Officials asked to release DTES fatal overdose victims' names 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Ondaatje, Kaspi, Ignatieff among 100 Order of Canada honorees 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Order of Canada appointees include Paralympian, Supreme Court judge and astrophysicist 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
'The ceiling isn't just glass': Women in politics reflect on Hillary's loss 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Trudeau government moves to rein in pushers of salt, sugar and fat 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Support for the Women's Boat to Gaza 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
How an 'unflinching gaze' on missing and murdered Indigenous women might move Canada forward 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Why are both central and provincial/local governments necessary? 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
MP tries again to make anthem include Canada's daughters 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
NDP 'Leap Manifesto' backers intensify push ahead of convention 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Push For NDP To Embrace Leap Manifesto Intensifies Ahead Of Party's Convention 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
2016 NDP Leadership : Mulcair faces tough battle to remain NDP leader 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Thalidomide vote proved that Parliament matters 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Macleans: Libby Davies leaves Ottawa 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
PBS Interview: Canadian court OKs doctor-assisted suicide, but who’s eligible 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
2015 Grace MacInnis Visiting Scholar lecture at SFU: Libby Davies "GRASSROOTS POLITICS IN PARLIAMENT 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
NDP deputy leader Libby Davies won’t run in 2015 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Libby Davies, NDP deputy leader, won't run in 2015 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Libby Davies, NDP Deputy Leader, Won't Run Again In 2015 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Deputy NDP leader Libby Davies will not seek re-election 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
'Time to call it a day': Downtown Eastside activist and long-time NDP MP Libby Davies won't seek re-election 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
B.C. MPs recall terror on the day a gunman stormed Parliament Hill 21.05.2018 libbyinnews
Canada’s top court set to rule on B.C. assisted suicide case 04.02.2015 libbyinnews, Dying with Dignity, Health
Ebola outbreak: NDP wants details on emergency plan for Canada 15.10.2014 libbyinnews, Health Care
NDP calls on Conservatives to approve six initiatives to promote equal rights for LGBTQ community 18.06.2014 libbyinnews
NDP concerned politics will interfere in keeping Insite open 18.03.2014 libbyinnews, Health Care
Health Canada library changes leave scientists scrambling 21.01.2014 libbyinnews, Health Care
Flaherty betrayed Ontario, broke promise on health transfers: health minister 18.12.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
Ottawa urged to improve dementia and Alzheimer’s strategy 11.12.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
Health Canada's medical marijuana privacy breach slammed 25.11.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
NDP MPs Libby Davies and Charlie Angus introduce bill to improve end-of-life care 31.10.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
Libby calls for Marc Emery's transfer to a Canadian prison 30.10.2013 libbyinnews, Drug Policy
Aboriginal people hardest hit by HIV in B.C. 12.08.2013 libbyinnews, Aboriginal
Ottawa should regulate some drug prep firms in wake of chemo scare: report 08.08.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
B.C. a leader in offering free tests, treatment to reduce HIV cases 08.08.2013 libbyinnews, Health Care
Premiers vow to fight Ottawa's controversial jobs-training plan 26.07.2013 libbyinnews, Jobs
Conservatives decision to shake off salt bill leaves bad taste 16.07.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
Injection sites dealt a severe blow 07.06.2013 libbyinnews, Drug Policy
Proposed federal rules erect new hurdles for supervised drug-injection sites 07.06.2013 libbyinnews, Drug Policy
Feds to toughen rules for drug-injection sites 06.06.2013 libbyinnews, Drug Policy
Libby & the NDP speak to your concerns in Parliament! 13.05.2013 libbyinnews
Canadian premiers urged to call on the PM to back sodium-reduction bill 24.04.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
Experts blast Health Canada’s approach to sodium reduction 09.04.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
Most eat nearly double the recommended amount of salt: Study 26.03.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
Harper government mum on why Vancouver immigration raid was filmed by TV crew 18.03.2013 libbyinnews, Citizenship and Immigration
Canadians ‘overwhelmingly’ support salt reduction initiatives 13.03.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
A Salt shocker 11.03.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
How much salt do you consume in a day? You may be surprised 08.03.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
Sodium in Canadian restaurant foods 'alarmingly high' 08.03.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
High sodium levels should be disclosed, health groups urge 01.02.2013 libbyinnews, Bill C-460
East Van lesbian artist awarded Queen's medal 25.01.2013 libbyinnews
The 13 biggest health and science questions facing the nation 03.12.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
NDP peppers feds for 'salt reduction strategy' 06.11.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Will Aglukkaq scuttle latest effort to implement sodium-reduction plan? 06.11.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
NDP health critic tables bill for national sodium strategy 06.11.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
NDP launching health-care campaign 27.09.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Forum focuses on health-care solutions 07.09.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Vancouver remembers Jack Layton one year after his death 23.08.2012 libbyinnews
One year later, still ‘hard to believe’ Jack Layton is gone 22.08.2012 libbyinnews
Aglukkaq defends Ottawa’s hands-off role in health-care funding 13.08.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Ottawa grades poorly in CMA’s annual report card on health care 13.08.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Vancouver healing lodge opens after 10 years of work 12.06.2012 libbyinnews, Aboriginal
The 45 People Who Made Vancouver Better 11.06.2012 libbyinnews
Poll results showing NDP surge no surprise to Libby Davies 29.05.2012 libbyinnews, Federal Budget
Mulcair calls for an end to discrimination 22.05.2012 libbyinnews, LGBT
Rainbow day on the Hill arcs over Parliament 03.05.2012 libbyinnews, LGBT
B.C. wins big in budget, senior cabinet minister says 30.03.2012 libbyinnews, Federal Budget
Drug shortage shows failure of federal leadership, critics charge 20.03.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Government fast-tracks approvals for vital drugs 16.03.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Health Canada scrambles to approve new meds in wake of drug shortage 15.03.2012 libbyinnews
Opposition takes shots at Aglukkaq over lack of action on drug shortage 13.03.2012 libbyinnews, Health Care
Alberta would be $810-million winner under new health scheme 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Canada's health care: Premier downplays dangers while critics warn of creeping privatization 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Fat chance: no new regulations for trans fats, say Aglukkaq 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Federal AIDS funding rules change 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Health funding issue bringing some MPs back early 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Health-care funding plan must change, premiers say 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Libby Davies recaps her fall session 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Libby Davies talks about her winter sitting 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Ottawa still has influence in health policy, Aglukkaq says 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Premiers seek common front on health care 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Romanow’s 50-year fight for medicare 26.02.2012 libbyinnews
Iraq war resister Rodney Watson still awaits fate in Canada 12.10.2011 libbyinnews
Closing Vancouver's Insite drug clinic would violate the Charter of Rights, top court rules 04.10.2011 libbyinnews
Libby Davies previews her fall sitting 03.10.2011 libbyinnews
Libby Davies opts out of NDP leadership race 26.09.2011 libbyinnews
Vancouver MP Libby Davies won't run to replace Layton 22.09.2011 libbyinnews
B.C. honour-bound to repay $1.6 billion to Canada for HST, Flaherty says 21.09.2011 libbyinnews
Libby Davies talks about Vancouver Pride and the Outgames 28.07.2011 libbyinnews
Paying for HIV prevention 08.07.2011 libbyinnews
Ottawa to fund clinical trials for controversial MS treatment 05.07.2011 libbyinnews
Government to fund MS trials 05.07.2011 libbyinnews
MS therapy clinical trials get federal OK 05.07.2011 libbyinnews
Opposition MPs pan Harper government’s federal budget 07.06.2011 libbyinnews
Health care’s improving in Canada: report 03.06.2011 libbyinnews
Health-care monitor fears key patient information getting lost in paper shuffle 03.06.2011 libbyinnews
Layton announces shadow cabinet 27.05.2011 libbyinnews
Layton announces shadow cabinet 27.05.2011 libbyinnews
Davies readies for Parliament 25.05.2011 libbyinnews
The NDP’s union-made caucus 19.05.2011 libbyinnews
Supreme Court to hear heroin site debate 12.05.2011 libbyinnews
In with the new 09.05.2011 libbyinnews
Politicians join call to keep Vancouver temporary homeless shelters open 09.05.2011 libbyinnews
Davies calls for electoral reform: Longtime MP bemoans Conservative majority 09.05.2011 libbyinnews
Conservatives lose two ethics rulings by House Speaker 10.03.2011 libbyinnews
Tories suffer setback as Speaker rules privileges breached 10.03.2011 libbyinnews
Tories lose two ethics rulings 10.03.2011 libbyinnews
Speaker reprimands Tories in Oda case 10.03.2011 libbyinnews
K’naan presses MPs to help world’s poor as generic-drug vote looms 09.03.2011 libbyinnews
NDP showcases female caucus on International Women's Day 09.03.2011 libbyinnews
Libby Davies on her bill's amendment 09.03.2011 libbyinnews
Council asked for cell tower restrictions 01.03.2011 libbyinnews
Legislature Notebook: Wall downplays potential tax changes 28.02.2011 libbyinnews
Kairos process not perfect: Tories 23.02.2011 libbyinnews
Courting danger 18.02.2011 libbyinnews
Immigration levels holding steady: Kenney 18.02.2011 libbyinnews
Concerns about cellphone towers not being heard 09.02.2011 libbyinnews
CRTC undermined by appointment, changes: NDP 09.02.2011 libbyinnews
Proposed Telus cellphone tower creates fear in residents 08.02.2011 libbyinnews
AIDS drug bill clears major hurdle 08.02.2011 libbyinnews
Rare co-operation breathes life into generic-drug bill 08.02.2011 libbyinnews
Mitchel Raphael on politicians and drugs, plus the metalhead MP 10.12.2010 libbyinnews
B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell stepping down as HST controversy becomes too great 04.11.2010 libbyinnews
Embattled B.C. premier resigns 04.11.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against tax havens 25.10.2010 libbyinnews
Libby and Equal Voice's Day of Respect in Parliament 22.10.2010 libbyinnews
Libby and the Red Tent Day of Action for Housing 20.10.2010 libbyinnews
Libby's Bill for a National Housing Strategy and the Canadian Day of Action for Housing 20.10.2010 libbyinnews
Where are all the lesbians in federal politics? 20.10.2010 libbyinnews
Canadian Day of Action for Housing and Bill C-304 20.10.2010 libbyinnews
Libby standing up for rights and safety of sex workers 01.10.2010 libbyinnews
MPs Need to Back Housing Bill 22.09.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against harmful regulatory changes 30.08.2010 libbyinnews
The missing and murdered women of Vancouver deserve an inquiry 27.08.2010 libbyinnews
Fighting the HST 25.08.2010 libbyinnews
Society has failed these women 25.08.2010 libbyinnews
Libby critical of proposed changes to Criminal Code 05.08.2010 libbyinnews
Vancouver trek raises awarness for Libby's national housing strategy bill 30.06.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against the BC HST 05.06.2010 libbyinnews
Libby interviews Marc Emery 26.05.2010 libbyinnews
NDP House Leader Libby Davies on Afghan Documents 11.05.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking up for affordable housing 23.03.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against Marc Emery's extradition 17.03.2010 libbyinnews
Nothing solved by eviction - Libby on BC forfeiture laws 10.03.2010 libbyinnews
Federal actions for missing and murdered women must be substantive 05.03.2010 libbyinnews
An Intense Parliamentary Session Ahead 02.03.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out for a 'Made in Canada' Olympic pavillion 24.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out for missing women 16.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby's support for activists' spotlight on homelessness 16.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out agains the Conservative's so-called drug policy 12.02.2010 libbyinnews
Prime Minister's Office must apologize for wrongful attacks 12.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against Mandatory Minimum Sentences for drug crimes 03.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby making Parliament work 01.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against Conservative's so-called "crime agenda" 01.02.2010 libbyinnews
Libby says no to Olympic freebies 28.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby on Prorogation and Parliament 25.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against prorogation 25.01.2010 libbyinnews
Recommendations from Operatin Phoenix - A National Housing Strategy 19.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby tells Harper Government not to appeal InSite ruling 18.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against free Olympic tickets for politicians 18.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby Speaking out for InSite 18.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby rates Conservative's youth anti-drug strategy "boring and bureaucratic" 13.01.2010 libbyinnews
Passing of the Wooden Spoon to Libby 12.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby outraged by the Conservatives' move to shut down Parliament 07.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby on Senate Reform 06.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out for female ski jumpers 06.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby holding Harper to account 06.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby calls for answers in the extradition of Marc Emery 05.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby on the prorogation of the House of Commons 04.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against prorogation 04.01.2010 libbyinnews
Libby takes up the torch for the 2010 Homelessness Hunger Strike Relay 04.01.2010 libbyinnews
Keep Parliament working! 15.12.2009 libbyinnews
Libby fighting the HST in Parliament 11.12.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out for freedom of expression 11.12.2009 libbyinnews
UN Housing Rapporteur on Libby's housing Bill 04.12.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against censorship 04.12.2009 libbyinnews
Israel and Palestine stall on road to peace 27.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out on censorship 27.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out on GLBTT rights and Canada's new immigration guide 24.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby supporting war resisters 20.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby's Olympic security code of conduct 20.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby's Tweets! 20.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby as NDP House Leader on Parliamentary printing privileges 20.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby taking on the Justice Minister 12.11.2009 libbyinnews
Libby's Motion on cost sharing for visiting dignitaries 02.11.2009 libbyinnews
NDP Oppose Canada-Columbia Free Trade Bill 19.10.2009 libbyinnews
Who should pay the cost of visiting dignitaries? 01.10.2009 libbyinnews
Libby on Women in Politics 01.10.2009 libbyinnews
Lilbby on the peace movement 01.10.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out on fairness for students with disabilities 17.09.2009 libbyinnews
Letter to the Editor 31.08.2009 libbyinnews
Child care is good for the Economy 31.08.2009 libbyinnews
Libby's Bill C-304 a National Housing Strategy for Canada 25.08.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against harassment in the workplace 05.08.2009 libbyinnews
Security and the 2010 Olympics 16.07.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out for gay pride week funding 08.07.2009 libbyinnews
Libby joins thousands at vigil for Iranians 26.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby and NDP support 24 hour news channel 15.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby and the NDP vote NO on C-15 09.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against mandatory mimnum sentences 04.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby on Canada's medical marijuana program 03.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby's support for the Lennikov family 03.06.2009 libbyinnews
Libby on threats to bring down the House 03.06.2009 libbyinnews
Government response to medical marijuana abysmal 26.05.2009 libbyinnews
Libby on Afghan MP Malalai Joya 22.05.2009 libbyinnews
Libby on government tactics to avoid election 21.05.2009 libbyinnews
Electoral reform fails to catch on with voters 13.05.2009 libbyinnews
So-called 'tough' drug bill all about politics 11.05.2009 libbyinnews
Women on top of anti-war wave 06.05.2009 libbyinnews
Libby speaking out against Mandatory Minimum Sentences 04.05.2009 libbyinnews
Same Prom Different Dress 30.04.2009 libbyinnews
Pot is 'currency' for harder drugs 23.04.2009 libbyinnews
Libby Speaking to the Alberta NDP 22.04.2009 libbyinnews
Libby Calls for a National Housing Strategy 22.04.2009 libbyinnews
Libby Speaking on Voter Engagement 20.04.2009 libbyinnews
Community and resistance in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside 31.03.2009 libbyinnews
Olympic 'housing legacy' falling behind 23.03.2009 libbyinnews
Libby calls for transparency in Parliament 26.02.2009 libbyinnews
Strategizing Davies 17.02.2009 libbyinnews
Harm Reduction 11.02.2009 libbyinnews
E.I. changes called for 10.02.2009 libbyinnews
Jobless need more help, critics charge 10.02.2009 libbyinnews
PM: Job losses won't blow government off course 10.02.2009 libbyinnews
Job losses can't blow us off track:PM 10.02.2009 libbyinnews
Housing and Poverty Need to be Addressed in the Downtown Eastside 04.02.2009 libbyinnews
President Barack Obama asked to give immediate amnesty to resisters 22.01.2009 libbyinnews
Singer performs in support of safe-injection site 13.12.2008 libbyinnews
Tories blitz airwaves to promote their cause: Propaganda war fuelled by fear, panic and desperation, counters NDP House leader 04.12.2008 libbyinnews
Stop anti-gay group from entering Canada: Vancouver NDP MP 28.11.2008 libbyinnews
Vancouver play a walk on the wild side 25.11.2008 libbyinnews
Bruce inspires more than community 25.11.2008 libbyinnews
Downtown Eastside love-in sings 25.11.2008 libbyinnews
Crusty activist's fight for the city's poor worth singing about 25.11.2008 libbyinnews
Minister not welcome: MP 17.11.2008 libbyinnews
Ottawa files appeal of ruling protecting safe-injection site 01.08.2008 libbyinnews
Report Back from Montebello 29.07.2008 libbyinnews
Politics of Fear: Harper's 'War on Drugs' 29.07.2008 libbyinnews
Libby tables bill that takes aim at cheque fraud 05.07.2008 libbyinnews
Women Kick Harper's Ass 14.12.2006 libbyinnews
Paul Martin, Architect of Social Inequality? Yes, Says MP Davies 24.11.2003 libbyinnews
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