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Open Letter to Ministers & Public Officials
Title Published Categorized
Letter to Premier Christy Clark on raising Social Assistance Rates 14.10.2014 openletters
Speaking out against the Morgentaler Clinic closure 11.04.2014 openletters, Health Care
Libby asks the Privacy Commissioner to review Health Canada's decision to share medical marijuana users information with the police 26.03.2014 openletters, Health Care
NDP MPs urge the Conservative government to evaluate genetically modified salmon eggs 27.01.2014 openletters, Environment
Medical marijuana patients deserve answers in privacy breach 27.11.2013 openletters, Ethics, Health Care
Seeking action on the radioactive groundwater leaking from Fukushima 17.09.2013 openletters, Environment, Health Care
Libby urges the Health Minister to deny for-profit plasma donation 26.07.2013 openletters, Health Care
NDP Members of the Special Committee on Violence Against Aboriginal Women share their concerns about the committee 24.06.2013 openletters, Aboriginal, Missing Women
Letter requesting improved access to health care in both official languages 18.04.2013 openletters, Health Care
Libby's expresses her concerns to the Health Minister about the proposed Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations 19.02.2013 openletters, Drug Policy, Health Care
The NDP BC Caucus writes Minister Ritz to protest the introduction of genetically engineered fruit in BC 28.11.2012 openletters
Libby asks the Finance Minister to support income averaging for artists 07.11.2012 openletters, Arts and Culture
Libby's urges Minister Duncan to reinstate funding for Aboriginal youth programs 09.07.2012 openletters, Aboriginal
Libby urges the Health Minister to reinstate funding for the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy 03.05.2012 openletters, Health Care
Libby urges the Health Minister to reinstate funding for First Nation health programs 24.04.2012 openletters, Health Care
Libby asks the government how they are acting on the NDP's motion to address drug shortages 03.04.2012 openletters, Health Care
NDP BC MPs express their concerns about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project 24.02.2012 openletters, Environment
Letter to Ministers Flaherty and Baird urging them to defend Canadian-US citizens being pursued by the IRS 26.10.2011 openletters, Globalization
Libby supports the Purple Letter Campaign! 18.10.2011 openletters
Libby and Don urge Minister Raitt to support locked-out Rocky Mountaineer employees 14.09.2011 openletters, Jobs, Labour
BC Caucus' Letter in support of BC Shipbuilders 18.08.2011 openletters, Labour
Libby's Response to the Medical Marijuana Access Program Consultations 10.08.2011 openletters
Libby urges PM Harper to pressure Syria for Dorothy Parvaz's release 04.05.2011 openletters
Libby expresses her concerns about the dangers of cell phone towers 20.12.2010 openletters
Libby asks for national action on bedbugs 25.11.2010 openletters, Health Care
Libby calling for fairness for Marc Emery 22.10.2010 openletters
Speaking up for Unite Here Local 40 workers 18.10.2010 openletters
Libby on saving the Amtrak border service 22.09.2010 openletters
Libby calls for release of LGTB rights activist in Russia 22.09.2010 openletters, LGBT
Libby speaking out on Canada Post service delays 13.09.2010 openletters
Libby calls for proof that Criminal Code changes are warranted 11.08.2010 openletters, Safety, Sex Trade, Social Policy
Libby renews call for a public inquiry into Vancouver's missing and murdered women 06.08.2010 openletters, Safety, Social Policy
Libby's speaking out for Marc Emery 10.06.2010 openletters
An Open Letter to the Public Safety Minister on the Extradition of Marc Emery 10.05.2010 openletters, Drug Policy
Libby calls on federal government to keep Vancouver shelters open 16.04.2010 openletters, Homelessness, Housing, Social Policy
Time to rethink Canada's Drug Strategy - Libby's letter to the Minister of Justice 29.03.2010 openletters, Drug Policy, Health Care
Air Canada outsourcing - a joint letter from the federal NDP BC Caucus 10.03.2010 openletters, Jobs, Labour
Sisters in Spirit funding at risk 01.03.2010 openletters
Libby Speaking out on Medical Marijuana - Health Canada Must Consult With Stakeholders 08.02.2010 openletters, Drug Policy, Health Care
Libby calls on Ministers for a public inquiry 17.12.2009 openletters, Safety, Sex Trade, Social Policy
A calll for action on UN Human Rights Day 11.12.2009 openletters, Peace & International Security
Libby calls on Justice Minister to stop extradition of Marc Emery 02.10.2009 openletters, Citizenship and Immigration, Drug Policy
Fairness for students with disabilities 17.09.2009 openletters, Education, Social Policy
NDP MPs URGE HALT TO IRAQ WAR RESISTER DEPORTATION 17.08.2009 openletters, Citizenship and Immigration, Peace & International Security
Libby calls for a public review of Canada's Medical Marijuana Program 30.04.2009 openletters, Drug Policy, Health Care
British MP denied entry into Canada 20.03.2009 openletters, Citizenship and Immigration, Safety
Stop funding cuts to legal aid 10.02.2009 openletters, Poverty, Social Policy
Canada Summer Jobs program 2009 19.01.2009 openletters, Jobs
Open letter to Elections Canada regarding voting problems in Vancouver East 16.12.2008 openletters
Letter to Public Safety Minister re: threats from Westboro Baptist Church 17.11.2008 openletters, LGBT
Open Letter to Minister Clement on Harm Reduction 21.08.2008 openletters, Drug Policy, Health Care
Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Needs Reform 19.06.2008 openletters
Open Letter to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson on Extradition of Marc Emery 28.03.2008 openletters, Drug Policy
Letter to Minister of Justice Regarding Extradition of Marc Emery 06.02.2008 openletters, Drug Policy
Support Native Youth Centre 08.01.2008 openletters, Aboriginal, Homelessness, Poverty
LaFarge Canada Inc. 06.07.2007 openletters
Commercial Heritage Properties Incentive Fund Program 05.07.2007 openletters
Letter to Minister About Safe Injection Site Permit Renewal 22.07.2006 openletters, Drug Policy
Letter to Minister About Safe Injection Site Permit Renewal 04.07.2006 openletters, Drug Policy
Save Joy Kogawa House 28.02.2006 openletters, Arts and Culture
Sale of Terasen Gas 25.11.2005 openletters, Globalization
Chinese Head Tax 23.11.2005 openletters, Chinese Head Tax, Citizenship and Immigration
Letter to Minister About Housing and Homelessness 31.05.2005 openletters, Homelessness, Housing
Letter to Ministers about Taser Guns 01.11.2004 openletters, Safety
Letter to Minister About Housing and Homelessness 14.10.2004 openletters, Homelessness, Housing
Letter to Minister on CCPA/TRAC Report on State of Social Housing in BC 27.08.2004 openletters, Homelessness, Housing
Open Letter to Paul Martin on Housing 16.12.2003 openletters, Homelessness, Housing
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