Thousands of Women converge on Vancouver for “Women of Distinction” Conference

Vancouver was filled with powerful women from around the globe as the “Women Deliver” global conference got underway in June of this year. Imagine,  8,000-10,000 women speaking, leading, sharing and delivering on activism, politics, arts, science, global affairs and everything else too. 

The energy and dynamic discussion was infectious and does us all good! 
I was thrilled to see the City of Vancouver host a series of parallel satellite sessions at the Vancouver Public Library downtown. I was delighted to participate in a panel on June 3, 2019,  called “Women’s Leadership: Creating Change with Activism”, skillfully moderated by Julia Gillard  the first woman Prime Minister of Australia 2010-2013. Also on the panel were Cecilia Point, Lauren Weldon, and Dr. Joy Masuhara.

We had a lively and wide ranging discussion on women and leadership and activism. A warm and special welcome was made by Mayor Kennedy Stewart. I’m so proud that the City Council he leads, recently adopted The City of Vancouver “Gender Equality Strategy” 2019 update with a forward looking amendment which makes Vancouver a global leader for women’s equality and leadership. 

June 3 2019, was also the day that the national public inquiry report on Missing  and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was released in Ottawa. It is an historic event to have this report finally released. It is the culmination of decades of activism and struggle to bring attention and visibility to the violence, discrimination and social condition of indigenous women. As noted by chief Commissioner Marion Buller “This report is about deliberate race, identity and gender based genocide”. The report is 1200 pages and contains 231 “legal imperatives” that the government must now act on. Nothing less will suffice. 

It’s an issue I worked on both as a City Councillor in the 1980’s and as an MP. There were many years in Parliament when no one wanted to hear what was going on. The truth cannot be ignored anymore. 
I hope you enjoy the video link of the panel discussion. 

Part 1:

Part 2: