Book Tour Highlights, Summer 2019

Photo by Mitchel Raphael from the Toronto book launch of Outside In

May and June 2019, were busy months for me as the book launch and tour for “Outside In: A Political Memoir” got under way. With the expert help of Zoe Grams Communications, David Molenhuis at Between The Lines, and Kim Elliott, we embarked on an ambitious itinerary of media coverage and book launch events that took me to Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton and Mississauga. And there’s more to come in North Vancouver, Nelson, BC, Montreal, Victoria and Courtney, BC

The book launch events were hugely enjoyable and energetic and attended anywhere from 60 people to close to 300 people. At each event we used a format of political discussion with local activists, about social activism and the need to connect to the more formal world of politics to bring about transformative change. 

I am deeply grateful to the wonderful people who participated in these “conversations”,  including, Judy Rebick, Min Sook Lee, Am Johal, Christine Boyle, Karen Ward, Niki Ashton MP, Anne Min Tu Quach MP, Kathleen Monk, Monia Mazigh, Lisa Graves, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Ken Stone, Lyla Miklos, Palestine House, Hammam Farah, Raed Ayad, Farid Ayad, and Carleen Picard of LUSH in Vancouver. 

I’m looking forward to more events in July and August including Nelson BC, hosted by J Stewart. Thanks also to Justine Bell who reached out to organize an event at North Vancouver City Public Library in late July. 

ZG Communications did a great job with media coverage in May and June, including stories and articles in the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, Quill and Quire, Policy Options, Herizons, BC Book World, the Literary Review of Canada, and a nearly 5 hour stint on 15 live back to back CBC afternoon radio shows across the country. I had some very early morning TV appearances too, on Global, CTV, City TV, as well as The Agenda with Steve Pailin on TV Ontario. There were also short and long interviews on radio programs too, including CKNW Simi Sara. Each interaction was upbeat and positive! You can find the media coverage for “Outside In” under the Media Tab on my website.

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least, and I found myself approaching the book launch and all the events like an election campaign – something I have lots of practice at! 

A week or so ago I was delighted to learn that I was accepted to be a presenting author at the Miami Book Fair in November 2019. I love this book fair, having attended a number of times. It’s diversity, community base, extraordinary array of writers and readers, is quite special and I am honoured to be a part of it this year as an author. 

All in all a busy but fabulous summer. 

A very special thanks goes out to Kim Elliott, my partner, whose patience, help and support at all the events was critical to their success. Couldn’t have done without you Kim! Thank you from my heart. 

Outside In - Book Tour
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