Canada tried to decriminalize cannabis 17 years ago. This is how it all came together before falling apart

"“He and I were on the opposite ends of the spectrum,” Davies says. “I was pro-legalization and he was, you know, anti-harm reduction even in its most mild form. But it was actually a very good committee.” The differences in opinion came to a head when it was time to author the report. “We had a bizarre, conflicting, ridiculous list of recommendations from everybody,” Torsney recalls. “It was really hard to reconcile all those things.” Line by line, they worked through the report, trying to find balance in the language. “We just kept going around the table and we could start to see our positions evolve. We all agreed that we wanted to do this.” In the end, they would come together to support decriminalization, with an amendment to allow personal cultivation. They went so far as to encourage the government to move quickly on the file. "