Conservatives decision to shake off salt bill leaves bad taste

I can’t say I was surprised when the Conservative government used its majority in the House of Commons in May to defeat a private member’s bill that would have required food manufacturers to lower sodium levels in their products or to alert consumers if they have not done so. After all, following their creed, they would see this as an unwarranted intrusion on business. And in regard to regulating the amount of sodium that can go into a food product, they believe in a voluntary approach. That would be nice if it would actually happen, but pardon me for being dubious.I believe that left on their own food manufacturers will provide the government and the food-buying public with nothing more than lip service. The bill, C-460, was sponsored by Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East, who is the NDP Spokesperson for Health. Beyond seeking a limit on sodium content, it also wanted to ensure that consumers had access to objective, clearly understandable and non-misleading information to facilitate healthy food choices. I found it hard to quarrel with the bill’s intent, as did all the opposition parties, many health organizations and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.