DOXA 2018: The Rankin File reveals Harry Rankin’s love for underdogs as well as his troubling treatment of women

Rankin’s left-wing allies—Libby Davies, Jean Swanson, Fred Wilson, and Smilsky—all offer their views with the hindsight of history, and this is offset by comments from Harcourt, former councillor Darlene Marzari, and Campbell, who won in a landslide. There's a particularly memorable footage of a COPE caucus meeting in Davies' living room with Swanson, Rankin, and councillors Bruce Yorke and Bruce Eriksen. Alfeld described this as the "most picture perfect East Vancouver COPE political moment", revealing everyone participating and contributing as equals. "That scene was so important to me," she said. "While it showed that Harry was a leader within COPE, it wasn't the Harry show."