Experts blast Health Canada’s approach to sodium reduction

Health experts are lambasting Health Canada’s efforts to lower the amount of sodium Canadians consume and the lack of transparency surrounding the process. The average Canadian consumes far too much sodium and nearly 80 per cent of it comes from salt added to packaged and processed foods. For that reason, Health Canada created a set of voluntary guidelines for food manufacturers that set reduction targets for everything from flavoured tortillas to canned corn. The goal is to reduce the daily sodium consumption to 2,300 milligrams a day by 2016. (Current daily consumption is 3,400 milligrams.)..“We don’t have that data available in a transparent way that we can monitor that these changes are actually occurring,” said Kevin Willis, director of partnerships with the Canadian Stroke Network. “Government could require companies to make that information available so it can be verified. It’s all part of the transparent monitoring process.”