Harper government mum on why Vancouver immigration raid was filmed by TV crew

OTTAWA — The federal government is hoping to “educate” Canadians about the efforts of its border guard agents by taking part in a B.C.-based reality TV program, the Canada Border Services Agency said Friday. The CBSA was responding to critics who say the show, which films agents arresting drug smugglers and “phoney immigrants,” is a taxpayer-funded attempt to promote the Conservatives’ law-and-order agenda. Opposition MPs and a B.C. criminologist also said Border Security: Canada’s Front Line violates the privacy and dignity of individuals being filmed...“I think it’s appalling,” said New Democratic Party deputy leader Libby Davies. “People are presumed innocent until they’ve gone through due process. Having your face blasted on a reality TV show and having to sign a waiver, often under pressure, is I think a loss of a person’s rights and dignity and respect.”