Libby & the NDP speak to your concerns in Parliament!

A charitable organization that studies Canada's democracy wants to get tongues wagging on the Hill by talking about, well, talking. In honour of the summer reading season, Samara studied how much MPs and parties spoke in the House of Commons in 2012 and matched some members up with notable works of Canadian literature...The NDP, with 33 per cent of the MPs, spoke the most of any party at 44 per cent. Five of the top ten spots of most talkative members were New Democrats...Top ten most-talkative MPs: 1. Peter Julian, Burnaby—New Westminster (NDP) = 226,027 words 5. Jack Harris, St. John's East (NDP) = 113,819 words 8. Libby Davies, Vancouver East (NDP) = 85,689 words 9. Don Davies, Vancouver Kingsway (NDP) = 85,360 words 10. Jinny Sims, Newton—North Delta (NDP) = 82,770 words