Libby on Prorogation and Parliament

The opposition House leaders are warning Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he shouldn't take their cooperation for granted in the next session and say his government has "soured" the atmosphere in the Commons by proroguing Parliament. "It will be quite tense," said NDP House Leader Libby Davies (Vancouver East, B.C.) of her expectations for the resumption of Parliament, March 3. The NDP extended an offer to the government to restart all of the 36 bills that died on the order paper when Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) prorogued Parliament on Dec. 30, if he agreed to reverse his decision and bring Parliament back when it was scheduled to resume, Jan. 25. In order for a bill to be restarted from where it left off it requires the unanimous consent of the House, and Ms. Davies said Mr. Harper shouldn't count on their help in getting his government's legislation through.