MP tries again to make anthem include Canada’s daughters

Mauril Belanger's private members' bill proposes to change the second line of the anthem from "True patriot love in all thy sons command" to "True patriot love in all of us command."The lyrics as they are currently written exclude women and are therefore out of date, Belanger said. This is the fifth legislative attempt to change the lyrics since 2002, and the second by Belanger. His previous attempt fell short when his bill was defeated on second reading a year ago. In 2010, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper included a plan to change the lyrics of the national anthem in the Speech from the Throne to make it gender neutral. The plan was met with such a swift backlash Harper's office backed down within two days. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair did not support the idea then, but a year later, NDP deputy leader Libby Davies introduced a private members' bill that would have changed the lyrics.