NDP ‘Leap Manifesto’ backers intensify push ahead of convention

Now, as Mulcair's leadership is up for debate and the party questions its own identity and direction, key New Democrats are pushing the Leap Manifesto principles into the mix. Former MPs Libby Davies and Craig Scott, as well as the head of the influential Toronto-Danforth riding association and documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis, are circulating a plan to entrench the manifesto's ideas. But they don't foresee a wholesale adoption of the manifesto all at once. Rather, they're proposing a two-step process: first, have New Democrats at this week's convention approve a resolution declaring that the manifesto is "a high-level statement of principles that is in line with the aspirations, history and values of the party." If that passes, they're proposing another resolution calling for meaningful debate of the manifesto by riding associations, leading up to a full, detailed discussion on how to implement it at the next convention in 2018.