‘Time to call it a day’: Downtown Eastside activist and long-time NDP MP Libby Davies won’t seek re-election

Libby Davies, the Downtown Eastside activist who found herself catapulted into Ottawa as a federal Member of Parliament, is calling it quits after 40 years of public service The outspoken MP announced today at her campaign office that she will not seek re-election in the upcoming federal election, saying she doesn't have the energy to run again and "it's time to pass the torch." "I just feel like it's time to call it a day," she said. "There can be a new voice for East Vancouver." The decision is bittersweet for Davies, 61, who said she loves her job and is grateful to the people in her riding of Vancouver East for helping her tackle tough issues in the Downtown Eastside such as housing, safe injection sites and the plight of missing women, despite being told she wouldn't get re-elected if she took on those issues.