Trudeau government moves to rein in pushers of salt, sugar and fat

In May 2013, NDP MP Libby Davies introduced a private member's bill that sought to regulate and limit the amount of sodium manufacturers add to processed and packaged foods. Research has proven that sodium -- which we mostly consume as sodium chloride, or, in other words, salt -- contributes to cardiovascular disease. Most of the sodium we ingest does not come from the salt we choose to sprinkle on our eggs and onions. It comes from prepared foods such as canned soup, crackers, breakfast cereal and processed cheese. In Canada, manufacturers add more salt than they do in most other countries, including the U.S. Davies' bill did not pass. Although her Liberal colleagues supported it, the majority Conservatives voted it down. Conservative MPs argued that the NDPer's regulatory approach was heavy handed and would be costly to consumers. That's why it seemed ironic when, almost a month ago, staunch Harper Conservative and former champion skier, Senator Nancy Greene Raine, introduced a measure that would use the heavy hand of government regulation to protect children from a food industry that seems hell-bent on making them fat and unhealthy.