The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users looks back on 20 years fighting for human rights

In October 1997, Libby Davies had just been elected as the NDP MP to represent Vancouver East, a position she held until 2015. In a telephone interview, she recounts her first meeting at the church. "It’s a long flight of stairs up to that room," she begins. "It was very dark, it was extremely crowded. There were people sitting on the floor. There were flip-chart pages all along the walls, because Ann Livingston always used to write down what people said." Davies was greeted with skepticism. "Oh, a politician," she remembers a member of the audience said as Osborn introduced her. "But I told them that I was there because I was their member of Parliament," Davies continues. "That they were my constituents, and I was hugely concerned about what was going on with the overdoses and the criminalization of users, and that I was there to help them."