Libby urges the Conservative government to protect public health care from CETA

House of Commons
February 10, 2012

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP) :
Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has received a deluge of letters from Canadians worried about the Canada-Europe trade negotiations opening us up to more privatization of our health care system.

Greater control of these services is a key target for European companies in this deal. Leaked documents are now confirming this.

It seems that the Conservatives are willing to roll back protections for our public health care system.

Will the government listen to Canadians and take health care off the table in the CETA negotiations?

Mr. Gerald Keddy (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and for the Atlantic Gateway, CPC) :
Mr. Speaker, I have said several times in this place that the NDP should not put any credibility in leaked documents. Those members should get their facts straight. Like all of Canada’s trade agreements, a free trade agreement with the European Union would exclude public services such as public health, public education and social services. Canada’s trade obligations do not require us to privatize any part of our health care system. End of story.