Private Health Care

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, after seeing the Health Minister exploding the Liberal’s favourite wedge issue yesterday it becomes clearer and clearer that the Liberals and the Conservatives are one in the same when it comes to privatized health care, despite how the Minister tries to wiggle out of his position.

However, there is salvation for the Liberals if they want it. They could choose, they could decide, to change the Canada Health Act to prohibit public money financing private, for profit health services like hospitals, as was suggested by the NDP in 2000.

If they are so different from the Conservatives, will the government pass such a change before the election is called?

Hon. Carolyn Bennett (Minister of State (Public Health), Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the government believes in all the five principles of the Canada Health Act. They have served Canadians well and it is extraordinarily important that we move on all the recommendations of Roy Romanow. We are looking at all of these things in order to ensure Canadians publicly administered, publicly funded, publicly delivered health care. We believe in this and we will make sure that happens.