Speaking Out on Star Wars

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, that was a nice try, but we are really trying to find out where the provisional government is at on this question.

In fact the same provisional government leader has said that he wants Star Wars. One day later, the Defence Minister says he does too. Now he says we have 99 days to make up our minds.

Clearly the Minister is not taking his orders from Parliament because he will not let us debate the issue. Could he tell us who put him up to putting Star Wars on the fast track and why? Why the 99 days?

Hon. John McCallum (Minister of National Defence, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, no one put me up to anything. This was a proposal that was forwarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and myself to cabinet. It is being discussed in cabinet. It was discussed in the national caucus. It was discussed yesterday in the caucus committee and it will be discussed on Monday again in the caucus committee and on Tuesday in the cabinet. There is a lot of discussion going on this side of the House and I would commend this process to the other parties.