Statement on Rodney Watson and war resisters

House of Commons
September 29. 2011

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Mr. Speaker,

Decorated Iraq war veteran Rodney Watson has lived in limbo for 2 years, in sanctuary at an East Vancouver church, with his wife Natasha and young son Jordan, both Canadian citizens.

I have gotten to know Rodney and know him to be strong in his conviction for peace and justice, and brave in his commitment to go up against an illegal war. It’s been a tough two years and the strong support from the War Resisters Support Campaign has been enormously important.

If Rodney were to return to the U.S., he would likely be charged, which could make his return to Canada inadmissible, tearing him apart from his family.

There are as many as 40 other war resisters like Rodney who are currently fighting to stay in Canada. This Parliament has passed two motions in support of war resisters, and yet this government is still trying to deport them.

I encourage Canadians to write to the Immigration Minister and their MP about Rodney and all war resisters, supporting the call for their Permanent Residence in Canada.