Happy 25th Anniversary Carnegie Newsletter!

Dear Carnegie Newsletter, and all the good folks who make it happen, year after year, issue after issue.

25 years!! Way to go Carnegie Newsletter….

Who would have thought that this small hand made newsletter, put together so lovingly and carefully, would go so far, reach so many, for two and a half decades and chronicle the life, work, and culture of the Downtown Eastside.

Thank you to all the amazing people who make it happen, especially Paul R Taylor, loyal and determined Editor. Its only sad that some are not with us any longer, like dear Sandy Cameron. But their work lives on.

The Carnegie Newsletter is a really important source of information about all things in the community, and I have to say, over the years I have loved it, been challenged by it, and always relied on it to get the real scoop. The Carnegie Newsletter is wonderful showcase of literary talent and that has been something to behold and see flourish.

Congratulations to every writer, contributor, chronicler, and artist, as well as the hard working team who put it all together so that we all can live, learn, and remember.

Best wishes


(And long time, loyal reader of the newsletter!)