Happy Pride!

Dear Friends,

I want to wish you all Happy Pride!

New Democrats are proud of our long history that celebrates and encourages the participation of the LGBTQ community in Canada’s political process. In fact, the very first openly gay Member of Parliament, Svend Robinson, was a New Democrat.

And I’m proud of our international record, too. At every chance we get, New Democrats work hard to counter homophobic and transphobic attitudes and legislation around the globe, whether it be in India, Uganda or Russia. We stand united against anti-gay violence and the expansion of harsh criminal sanctions against gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people.

You can count on us to protect the rights, freedom and safety of all, here and abroad.

Diversity is one of our great strengths. So building a more inclusive Canada must be everyone’s responsibility. As Canada’s Official Opposition, we’re proud to do our part – not only during Pride Week, but every day.