Hastings Park Commemoration of Internment of Japanese Canadians

Dear Friends,

The internment of Japanese Canadians in WWII is a shameful part of Canada’s history, including in our own city of Vancouver.  

It was only many decades of work by the Japanese Canadian community that finally brought recognition and a formal apology from the Government of Canada. 

The commemoration today at Hastings Park is a very important ‎milestone that causes us to reflect, remember, and take responsibility for this grievous historical event that deeply affected many local families, their livelihood and human dignity. 

I am proud to also note the dedicated work done by Bruce Eriksen when he was a Vancouver City Councillor, in the 1980s, as he worked tirelessly to demand that ‎the PNE officially recognize and display a record of the internment of Japanese Canadians at the PNE. 

The East Vancouver community doesn’t shy away from the past – we embrace it – and understand the wrongs that were done. It is so important today for the community to be together  – and I ‎stand in solidity with the community for this important historical commemoration. 


Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East