Health Canada plans to share medical marijuana users information with law enforcement

I am shocked to learn of Health Canada’s decision to share confidential information about medical marijuana users with law enforcement officials after the Medical for Marijuana Purposes Regulations (MMPR) prohibit the growing of marijuana in one’s home on April 1, 2014. This is a violation of the privacy of medical marijuana users, who entrusted Health Canada with their confidential personal information so they could access medical marijuana to treat their health conditions. This decision directly contradicts Health Canada’s briefing note to BC Attorney General and Minister of Justice in September 2013, when it stated that ‘due to privacy concerns, [Health Canada] does not intend to disclose the addresses of former licensed grow operations once they are no longer permitted to legally grown marijuana’.  I will be following up with federal officials about this sudden change of heart by Health Canada, to ensure the rights of medical marijuana users are respected.