In Support of National Pain Awareness Week

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take the opportunity to mark National Pain Awareness Week, taking place this week, from November 4 – 10, 2012.  I have heard from many Canadians who struggle with pain, which is a persistent and pervasive part of their daily lives. 

One in five adults is severely impacted by chronic pain and the prevalence increases with age.   National Pain Awareness Week is an important week for all Canadians touched by pain, it is an opportunity to increase awareness, provide education on the role of pain in many Canadians’ lives, and take action towards effective and timely management of acute and chronic pain in Canada.

I would like to join Canadian Pain Coalition in supporting Canadians living with pain, and calling for more coordinated and effective treatments for pain, including a National Pain Strategy.  You can also support Canadians living with pain by endorsing the National Pain Strategy at:   

For more information about National Pain Awareness Week activities across Canada and the Canadian Pain Coalition, please visit