Jack Layton

Dear Friends,

It’s with great sadness and grief that we mourn the loss of Jack Layton. Thank you for the many messages expressing your feelings and sense of loss.

I have known Jack for many many years, going back to our days when we were both on city council, he in Toronto and me in Vancouver. I came to know him, like many others, as a great Canadian who gave his all, to people, to Canada, to good politics, and to the vision and possibility of a better place for all people. It’s hard to lose a great friend, colleague and amazing leader of the NDP.

It’s so hard to think he is not with us anymore, and I’m having a hard time dealing with that. But I do know this: part of his legacy is continuing his work. His team in Ottawa is strong and dedicated and we will carry on.

My thoughts and love also go out to Olivia Chow, and Jack’s family that he loved so much. Olivia has been incredible as she has stood by him through thick and thin, and I have no doubt that her love and care for him was a great comfort and strength.

In thinking about Jack’s incredible life, it’s his sense of joy, personal courage, and compassion for people, that I remember him by. He was always positive even in the darkest time. He gave us much energy, and he gave us hope for our world – let’s remember that as we go through this difficult time.

If you are in Vancouver East, you are most welcome to come to my office at 2412 Main Street (between East 8th & Broadway) to write a message to Olivia and Jack’s family. There is also an NDP link to express your condolences and send your sympathies to Jack Layton’s family. (http://www.ndp.ca/express_your_condolences)

Please note that in lieu of flowers, Jack’s family has asked for donations to the Broadbent Institute, so that New Democrats can honour Jack Layton’s dream of building a better Canada. Donations to the Broadbent Institute can be made online at: www.ndp.ca/inmemory.