Letter to Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, Radio Host
CKNW 980, Suite 2000 – 700 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K9

Dear Mr. Allen,

I am writing to share my concerns, along with hundreds of others, about your controversial editorial of September 13th about immigrants.

I agree with your claim that your comments may have been “too harsh” or the “wrong choice of words” – but they also go well beyond that. Not only did your words betray an astonishing ignorance and intolerance, but they also caused great offense to the immigrant community.

Immigrants have chosen Canada to be their new home, and they have greatly enriched our country by doing so. The examples are too numerous to document, but I invite you to just look around to see all the benefits we have enjoyed from the immigrant community. Of course at times there will be tension and conflict among the different groups, and we must all bear the responsibility of dealing with these situations in a positive and enlightened manner. Unfortunately you chose the opposite route.

Obviously, I do not agree with what you said, and there are far more constructive ways to get your point across. Your comments caused unnecessary hurt, so I join many others in expressing my anger and in asking for an apology. I’ve been in public service for many years and I’ve learned to fully respect and honour the public that both you and I choose to serve.


Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East)