Libby celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Quebec Manor

Dear friends,

I’m so sorry I can’t be with you on this special 100th Anniversary of Quebec Manor. Your building has graced our community and is a foundation of the history of Mount Pleasant. In a city that likes to “demolish” its ever more precious that Quebec Manor is here to remind us of our past and be so much a part of the present.

That you are *cooperators* makes it all the more special. With affordable housing so scare in our city, our coops are critical in making our city a more livable place.

I know Quebec Manor is a model for coop housing and living. You do in reality what we should all aspire to.

So, to all the members of the Coop, your friends and community, have a wonderful celebration of who you are, what you stand for, and for the grand old building you call home.

In the International Year of the Coop, it couldn’t be more fitting to have this special anniversary!

With much respect and appreciation,