Libby’s letter in support of Stop the Violence BC

Dear Friends,

I recently heard about a new organization, Stop the Violence BC, dedicated to addressing the links between the drug laws related to marijuana and its relation to gangs and increasing violence in BC. I have written the editors of the Vancouver Sun and Georgia Straight in support of Stop of Violence BC and their efforts.

Dear Editor,

Stop the Violence BC is a bold initiative for an honest and frank assessment of the need for drug policy reform as it relates to marijuana.

If we are to avoid further harm and chaos in our communities, we must make the links between gang violence, social harms, community safety, and continuing marijuana prohibition.

I hope that elected representatives at all levels will take the courage to engage in this important debate and recognize that the status quo is deeply problematic. We need to look at realistic and workable reforms, as suggested by this new coalition, for education and regulation of cannabis.

It’s easier to hide behind the “prohibition is working” approach, but in the long run we are only fooling people, while spending massive amounts of money that don’t improve health and safety.

BRAVO! To Stop the Violence BC for taking this on.

Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East

To find out more about this great organization and their work, check out: