Sign onto the NDP petition in opposition to Stephen Harper’s “anti-terrorism” legislation, Bill C-51

I am really proud that the NDP is standing strong to oppose Bill C-51 that contains sweeping powers that affect the freedoms of all Canadians. Make no mistake – this Bill is bad legislation. Public safety is always a priority but giving CSIS broad new powers without oversight is ‎wrong. 

Join the more than 22,000 Canadians who have already signed onto this petition to stop Bill C-51.

Tell Stephen Harper: We don’t have to choose between security and our rights.

That’s a false choice—we must protect both.

Everyone agrees that terrorism is a real threat. But Canadians are concerned that the Conservatives are going too far in eroding our way of life with their new “anti-terrorism” law.

Together, we can make sure there’s no trade-off between our safety and our freedoms.

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