THE FUTURE OF MEDICARE: A vision for a renewed public health care system

A forum for you to come share your thoughts about the future of public health care, hosted by Libby Davies and Don Davies (MP Vancouver-Kingsway).

WHEN: Thursday, January 20 from 7:00 – 9:00pm

WHERE: Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
(800 East Broadway @ Prince Albert, one block east of Fraser)

Have you been waiting a long time to be scheduled for surgery?

Are you having difficulty getting your senior parent into a residential care home?

Are wait times and fees too much for you?

Do you think medicare should be expanded to include dental care and prescription medications?

Join your elected representatives and special guests as they outline a new vision for a renewed public health care system.

Special guest panelists:

* Megan Leslie, MP and NDP Health Critic (Federal)
* Adrian Dix, MLA and NDP Health Critic (Provincial)
* Rachel Tutte, Co-Chair of the BC Health Coalition
* Sylvia MacLeay, President of the Council of Senior Citizens’ of BC
* A Representative from Canadian Doctors for Medicare

For more information, please call 604-775-5800 or email