Protect diversity in Canadian media!

Are you one of the many Canadians increasingly concerned about the situation of our country’s media? Media diversity is the cornerstone of democracy, yet in recent years consolidation has left our media in the hands of fewer and fewer big corporations, with ownership (control) among the most concentrated in the industrialized world; the CRTC has advanced consolidation and commercialization while neglecting the public interest and even adopting policy breaking its own legal mandate; insecure and inadequate funding has compromised our public broadcasting, and English CBC now earns most of its revenue from commercial sources.

I encourage you to check out the CRTC’s Diversity of Voices Proceeding. This proceeding was created in the wake of major corporate media mergers to examine issues of concentration of ownership and its impact on diversity. It is open to public input until July 18th.

The airwaves are public property, yet CRTC proceedings are usually dominated by representatives of big media. If they are allowed to dominate this important proceeding, it will lead to even more policy serving corporate interests at the expense of consumers, workers, local communities, citizens, and our democracy.

A new coalition, Canadians for Democratic Media (CDM), has just launched a national action campaign to get Canadians directly involved in the CRTC. A non-partisan coalition of activists, labour unions, civil society, academics and independent media, CDM is acting to mobilize unprecedented public input to ensure the CRTC gets the message that Canadians oppose concentrated ownership. We want the CRTC to encourage and protect diversity, and strengthen non-commercial and community media.

On CDM’s website, you can join Canadians from across the country sending input to the CRTC – and the CRTC weighs each comment. This is a powerful way of countering big media’s influence and promoting the public interest. I am supporting this campaign but the deadline for public input is July 18th, so we need to act fast to defend diversity and stop the big media takeover.

Please consider supporting this campaign – just as important – and spread the word among your own networks, communities and organizations. Please take action now and learn more at

I urge you to join and support this critically important action today.