Title Published Topics
Marijuana Debate – The NDP Position on Marijuana2015.06.3, ,
My speech in Parliament on Medically-Assisted Dying2015.02.24
Conservatives’ Anti-Safe Injection Site Bill comes back to the House – Zero amendments accepted at Public Safety Committee2014.12.1, , , , , , , ,
NDP Opposition Day Motion – Thalidomide Survivors2014.11.27, , ,
NDP takes control of HoC agenda for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women2014.09.19, , ,
Supporting Insite2014.06.18
Challenging changes to the Citizenship Act2014.05.29
Speaking out for drug safety2014.05.27
Libby supports food safety2014.05.14,
Libby speaks in support of more palliative care services2014.04.2,
Libby protests new ID rules in ‘Fair’ Elections Act2014.02.7,
Libby remembers Nelson Mandela in Parliament2013.12.6
Libby speaks out on the NWT Devolution Act2013.12.5
In support of mandatory reporting of drug shortages2013.11.20,
Preserving our coast!2013.11.20,
Libby introduces transparency motion at Health Committee2013.11.6, ,
Libby speaks in support of supervised injection sites2013.10.22,
Libby speaks out against Bill C-2 and in support of safe injection sites2013.10.18,
Libby speaks out on the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act2013.06.19,
Libby speaks on cluster munitions treaty2013.06.13,
Libby speaks in support of motion to prevent anaphylaxis2013.05.9,
Libby talks about how Bill C-460 would improve Canadians’ health and save lives2013.05.3, ,
Libby speaks in support of special committee on missing and murdered women2013.02.14, ,
Libby speaks out in support of affordable housing bill2013.02.14, ,
Libby addresses Parliament about her bill, a Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada2013.02.4, ,
Libby speaks out in support of Cell Towers Bill2012.12.11
Libby’s speaks about federal action on chronic illness2012.11.22,
Libby urges the government to improve food safety measures2012.10.19,
Libby highlights how the budget will make life more expensive for Canadians2012.06.12, , ,
Libby speaks out against C-312012.06.1,
Libby speaks out for the rights of transgendered Canadians2012.06.1,
Libby speaks out in support of a National Suicide Prevention Strategy2012.05.15,
Libby speaks out in support of breast cancer screening2012.05.9,
Libby speaks out against the Budget Implementation Act2012.05.4, , , , , , ,
Libby speaks up for the rights of refugees2012.04.25
Libby speaks in oppostition to the Canada-Panama Trade Agreement2012.03.29,
Libby moves a concrete action plan to deal with drug shortages2012.03.15,
Libby demands action on drug shortages2012.03.13,
Libby calls an emergency debate in Parliament on drug shortages2012.03.9,
Libby speaks up for fair compensation for veterans2012.02.10
Libby supports regulations for safer cosmetic contact lenses2012.01.31,
Libby fights for Canadians’ pensions2012.01.30
Libby speaks in support of proportional representation2011.12.6
Libby speaks out in support of the NDP motion to address climate change2011.12.5,
Libby speaks out in support of organ donation2011.12.5,
Libby speaks out on the Senate Reform Act2011.11.22,
Libby expresses her concerns about the Copyright Modernization Act2011.11.22,
Libby speaks out in support of a national suicide prevention strategy2011.10.5,
Libby speaks out against the Conservatives’ flawed drug bill2011.09.28
Libby speaks out to defend the rights of refugees2011.09.21
Libby defends Canada Post workers’ rights in Parliament2011.06.24, ,
Libby calls on Conservative government to better support housing and health care2011.06.8, , ,
Libby promotes proportional representation to increase women’s presence in Parliament2011.03.3
Libby speaks up about Canadians’ privacy rights2011.02.14,
Libby speaks in support of C-474: An analysis of the potential harm of GE seeds2011.02.9,
Libby speaks ups to ban oil tanker traffic off BC’s coast2010.12.2,
Libby speaking out for the right to housing2010.10.21,
Libby Speaking out to Support War Resisters2010.09.27,
Libby speaking up for civil liberties2010.09.21,
Libby’s Bills to stop discrimination based on social condition2010.06.18, , , ,
Libby’s Bill to Amend the Canada Pension Plan2010.06.14,
Libby Speaking out for Trans Rights2010.06.9,
Libby speaking up for a fair immigration and refugee system2010.04.30, ,
Opposition Day Motion – Representation of Quebec in the House of Commons2010.04.22
Libby speaking out against the Conservative’s budget2010.04.20,
Fair Trade not Free Trade – Libby on the proposed Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement2010.04.12,
Emergency Debate to save the Aboriginal Healing Foundation2010.03.31, , ,
Libby speaking out on maternal and child health2010.03.25, , ,
Libby responds to the Speech from the Throne – housing left out in the cold again2010.03.24,
Libby on Bill C-475 an Act to Amend the Controlled Drug and Substances Act2010.03.10, ,
A Lasting Peace in the Middle East2010.02.4,
Government tries to shut down debate on the HST2009.12.9,
Libby speaking up for the NDP Climate Change Bill2009.10.8,
Libby on voter fairness2009.05.28,
Libby standing up for mental health2009.05.13,
Libby’s Bill for a National Housing Strategy2009.04.7, , , ,
Libby Speaking out Against Mandatory Minimum Sentencing2009.03.27,
Libby’s Parliamentary Statement on Gaza2009.03.12,
Libby Calls for Employment Insurance Reform2009.03.10, , , , ,
Libby Speaking Up for Not-for-Profit Organizations2009.02.19
Libby speaks out on the First Nations National Day of Action2008.05.29,
Against the Extension of Canada’s Combat Mission in Afghanistan2008.03.10,
Youth Criminal Justice2007.06.5, , ,
On Bill C-46, An Act to Provide for the Resumption and Continuation of Railway Operations2007.04.17, , , ,
Affordable Housing Budget Implementation Act2006.10.27, , , , , ,
Employment Equity2006.06.15, ,
Accountability Act, Bill C-22006.04.27,
Radar Satellite2005.09.5, ,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Surplus2005.06.3, ,
Equal Marriage2005.02.21, ,
Chinese Head Tax2005.02.21,
Healthcare Privatization2004.11.1,
Reply to the Speech from the Throne2004.02.12, , , , , , ,
Same Sex Marriage2003.09.16, ,
Speaking Out on Star Wars2003.05.29,
Community Activity Support Fund2003.04.10,
Emergency Debate on the War on Iraq2003.03.17,
Kyoto2002.11.29, ,
Time to Review Canada’s Solicitation Laws2002.11.18, ,
The War on Iraq2002.10.3,