Title Published Topics
NDP STATEMENT ON BILL C-3772013.06.26,
NDP will continue to work to protect labour rights2012.12.13,
Libby urges Minister Finley to come clean about EI changes2012.05.22, , , , ,
Libby speaks out against the Budget Implementation Act2012.05.4, , , , , , ,
Libby speaks in oppostition to the Canada-Panama Trade Agreement2012.03.29,
In Support of Locked-out Rocky Mountaineer Employees2012.03.5, ,
Libby and Don urge Minister Raitt to support locked-out Rocky Mountaineer employees2011.09.14, ,
BC Caucus’ Letter in support of BC Shipbuilders2011.08.18,
Libby defends Canada Post workers’ rights in Parliament2011.06.24, ,
National Day of Mourning2010.04.28,
Fair Trade not Free Trade – Libby on the proposed Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement2010.04.12,
Air Canada outsourcing – a joint letter from the federal NDP BC Caucus2010.03.10, ,
Libby questions Prime Minister about Employment Insurance2009.06.17, ,
Support the B.C. Economy2009.06.5, , ,
Libby Speaking on Employment Insurance Eligibility2009.03.25, , , ,
Creating and Keeping Canadian Jobs2009.03.19, , ,
Libby Calls for Employment Insurance Reform2009.03.10, , , , ,
E.I. Reform Needed2009.02.10, , , ,
Flaherty’s budget consultations ignore ordinary British Columbians, says MP Libby Davies2009.01.12, , , , , , ,
Libby Speaks out Against the Exploitation of Migrant Workers2008.06.19,
Libby Speaks Out for Forestry Workers and Their Communities2008.05.16, , ,
SPEAKING OUT: on April 28 Day of Mourning2008.04.28,
Libby Davies Appointed Federal NDP Labour Critic2008.04.11,
Trade Agreements and Worker’s Rights2008.01.29, , ,
NDP MPs Applaud Wage Earner Protection Program2007.12.17, ,
Day of Mourning2007.04.27, ,
On Bill C-46, An Act to Provide for the Resumption and Continuation of Railway Operations2007.04.17, , , ,
Safe and Fair Working Conditions Are Equally Important to Canada as the Transport of Goods2007.04.17,
Stop Outsourcing BC Jobs: NDP Demands to Keep Canadian Jobs in Canada2007.03.28, , , , ,
Ensure Funding for World Police and Fire Games: NDP2007.03.28,
Liberals Join Conservatives to Kill Labour Bill2007.03.22,
Libby and the NDP for a National Minimum Wage2006.10.31,
Against Hate Mail2006.10.27, , ,
NDP to Harper: Stop Ignoring Women; Equal Pay for Equal Work2006.09.22, ,
NDP MPs Call for an Inquiry into Canada’s Foreign Worker Program2006.09.20, ,
Employment Equity2006.06.15, ,
NDP MPs Launch Anti-Scab Bill on May Day2006.05.1,
Canadian Labour Congress 50th Anniversary2006.04.27,
BC Teacher’s Strike2005.10.18,
Kyoto2002.11.29, ,