Libby Davies Appointed Federal NDP Labour Critic

OTTAWA – Jack Layton today appointed Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East, as the NDP Critic for Labour.

“I’m really excited to become the Labour Critic for the NDP, and for the opportunity to work with our sisters and brothers in the labour movement,” said Davies. “There is a lot to do at the federal level to secure and enhance workers rights, and ensure better working environments and equality in the workforce.”

Davies is the NDP House Leader and has served in several critic areas including Housing, Social Policy and Immigration.

“In my first week as NDP Labour Critic, I would like to express my solidarity with PSAC/UNW Diamond Workers Local X3050, on strike at the Ekati diamond mine, 300 kilometers north east of Yellowknife,” said Davies. “I will work to ensure that all Canadians enjoy the rights to fair collective bargaining and human dignity that the Canada Labour Code guarantees.”