Support the B.C. Economy

House of Commons
Question Period

Ms. Libby Davies (MP, Vancouver East)

Mr. Speaker: B.C. has been hit hard by this economic recession.

The Conservatives claim to understand how important it is to stimulate and support the local economy and tourism.

Why then, in this economic downturn, is the federal government derailing a $30 Million opportunity for a 2nd Amtrak run from Seattle to Vancouver by charging unprecedented inspection fees?

So I ask the Minister, will he support the local economy and expanded rail service to Vancouver and immediately withdraw the demand for CBSA inspection fees?

Mr. Brian Jean (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I can assure the member that this Conservative government is doing everything in its powers to get infrastructure money flowing quickly and to get it where it counts. In fact $29 billion will be pumped into the Canadian economy this very year to keep the economy going. It is an incredible move and we are getting it done 10 times faster than any Liberal government ever did.

In fact I would also like to point out that tax freedom day is actually 19 days earlier for those Canadians who are paying taxes. It is great news for Canadians all the way around.