Title Published Topics
Conservatives’ Anti-Safe Injection Site Bill comes back to the House – Zero amendments accepted at Public Safety Committee2014.12.1, , , , , , , ,
Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Prostitution Laws2013.12.20,
Statement on the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry report2012.12.18, ,
Libby ask Minister Toews to apologize for interfering in RCMP’s apology over Robert Pickton case2012.06.13, , ,
Libby’s statement on the Ontario prostitution ruling2012.03.26,
Libby’s Statement on Violence Against Sex Workers2011.12.6,
Libby asks BC’s Attorney General to Extend Funding to Community Applicants in Missing Women Commission of Inquiry2011.06.1,
Libby Speaking out for Rights for Sex Workers2010.10.12,
Libby Welcomes Superior Court Ruling Striking Down Harmful Laws2010.09.28, ,
Libby welcomes public inquiry into murdered and missing women2010.09.10, ,
Libby calls for proof that Criminal Code changes are warranted2010.08.11, , ,
Libby renews call for public inquiry into Vancouver’s missing women2009.12.17, , ,
Libby calls on Ministers for a public inquiry2009.12.17, , ,
Rally to save MAP Van2009.06.23, ,
Comments on Missing Women Trial2007.12.7, , ,
Statement on Missing Women Murder Trial2007.01.22, ,
Action Needed on Missing Women2004.10.4, , ,
Libby Succeeds: Parliamentary Committee to Review Sex Trade Laws2003.02.9, ,
Time to Review Canada’s Solicitation Laws2002.11.18, ,
Federal Solicitation Laws Put Sex Trade Workers at Risk2002.09.18, ,