Libby welcomes public inquiry into murdered and missing women

Vancouver – I welcome the Government of British Columbia’s decision yesterday to undertake a public inquiry into the investigation of Vancouver’s murdered and missing women and importantly, an examination of the “manner in which cases involving missing women are investigated,” as outlined in the Province’s press release.

I call on the Attorney General of BC to ensure that this inquiry moves forward in collaboration with First Nations women and other area women’s organizations, and that the voices of the Downtown Eastside, which have been ignored for too long, are heard and listened to.

The Province must also undertake a community-led healing process for the people of the Downtown Eastside, who have been so devastated by the violence and discrimination and disregard that has dominated the investigation of over 60 missing and murdered women over the last three decades.

I further call on the federal government and the RCMP to fully cooperate and assist in this inquiry.

Society has failed these women at every turn. A public inquiry into the actions of law enforcement and the judicial system will go a long way to rectify these failures and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East