Libby ask Minister Toews to apologize for interfering in RCMP’s apology over Robert Pickton case


House of Commons


June 13, 2012

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):  

Mr. Speaker, the minister’s actions are shameful.

It is right and important that the government apologize to the victims of this tragedy and their families for the botched investigation and dismissal they experienced.

For too long these women were ignored, shut out and silenced. It is a fact that the RCMP could have done more. The RCMP has acknowledged that.

Will the minister acknowledge his political interference was callous and demeaning?

Will he now apologize?

Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, I find it quite amazing that the NDP is constantly asking me to take responsibility for the RCMP and to ensure that I do my job. That is exactly what I have done.  As I have indicated, I have no reason to question the RCMP’s conclusion that an apology was appropriate. The apology was clear. It was sent out by the RCMP.  I want to get back to that member’s failure to stand up for victims. She has been in the House for over a decade and has done nothing for victims.