Title Published Topics
Marc Emery: An interview before U.S. prison2018.05.21,
Marijuana Debate – The NDP Position on Marijuana2015.06.3, ,
Health Canada fails to enforce rules on direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals2014.12.9, , ,
Statement on World AIDS Day 20142014.12.1, , ,
Conservatives’ Anti-Safe Injection Site Bill comes back to the House – Zero amendments accepted at Public Safety Committee2014.12.1, , , , , , , ,
NDP Opposition Day Motion – Thalidomide Survivors2014.11.27, , ,
NDP Marijuana Policy2014.11.26,
Qestion Period: Canada’s Reliance on USA for Drug Safety and $36 Billion in Health Cuts by Conservatives2014.10.1, ,
Marking the 10th Anniversary of INSITE2013.09.18, ,
Libby’s expresses her concerns to the Health Minister about the proposed Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations2013.02.19, ,
Libby’s letter in support of Stop the Violence BC2011.11.1,
Libby speaks out in support of Supreme Court decision on Insite2011.09.30, ,
Discussing innovations in illegal drug policy2010.11.23,
Libby calls for an end to long wait times for medical marijuana patients2010.10.19,
Libby Davies calls for an end to the criminalization of medical marijuana users2010.07.30,
Libby attends 2010 World AIDS Conference2010.06.29, ,
An Open Letter to the Public Safety Minister on the Extradition of Marc Emery2010.05.10,
Time to rethink Canada’s Drug Strategy – Libby’s letter to the Minister of Justice2010.03.29, ,
Libby on Bill C-475 an Act to Amend the Controlled Drug and Substances Act2010.03.10, ,
Conservatives ignore law and science to shut down InSite – Libby Speaking out for InSite2010.02.9, , ,
Libby Speaking out on Medical Marijuana – Health Canada Must Consult With Stakeholders2010.02.8, ,
Libby calls on Justice Minister to stop extradition of Marc Emery2009.10.2, ,
Liberals join Conservatives to pass heavy handed drug bill2009.06.15, ,
Libby calls for a public review of Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program2009.04.30, ,
Libby Speaking out Against Mandatory Minimum Sentencing2009.03.27,
Libby Davies Welcomes B.C. Supreme Court Decision on Medical Marijuana2009.02.5, ,
Support Insite: Free performance by Bedouin Soundclash and Black Mountain2008.12.4, , ,
Open Letter to Minister Clement on Harm Reduction2008.08.21, ,
Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program Needs Reform2008.07.7,
Speaking Out on the Conservative Government’s Appeal of InSite: Dead People Do Not Go Into Treatment2008.05.30, , ,
Keeping InSite Open2008.05.5,
Davies Calls on Harper to Put Evidence Ahead of Ideology on Safe Injection Site2008.05.5,
Statement from Libby on Consevative InSite Interference2008.05.2,
Open Letter to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson on Extradition of Marc Emery2008.03.28,
Davies Rejects Report Attacking Safe Injection Site2008.03.5,
Davies Welcomes Ruling on Medical Marijuana2008.02.11,
Conservative Drug Strategy Failing Aboriginals2008.02.8, , ,
NDP Wins Emergency Debate on HIV/AIDS in Vancouver East: MPs Will Debate Conservatives’ Failing Drug Strategy for Aboriginal Communities2008.02.7, , ,
NDP Releases Open Letter to Justice Minister2008.02.6,
Letter to Minister of Justice Regarding Extradition of Marc Emery2008.02.6,
Libby Davies Recognized for Achievement in Drug Policy at International Conference2007.12.7,
Failed US Style Drug Policy Wrong for Everyday Canadians2007.10.4, ,
Harm Reduction Alert2007.07.1,
Youth Criminal Justice2007.06.5, , ,
Conservative’s Drug Strategy for Canada2007.06.4, ,
Libby Davies Defends InSite2007.05.3, , ,
InSite Takes on Conservatives2006.09.6,
NDP Accuses Clement of Looking for Excuses to Kill InSite2006.09.1, ,
Libby Davies Calls for Immediate Renewal of Health Canada Exemption to Save Safe Injection Site2006.08.11, ,
Calling for Federal Permit Renewal for Successful Safe Injection Facility2006.07.24,
Letter to Minister About Safe Injection Site Permit Renewal2006.07.22,
Letter to Minister About Safe Injection Site Permit Renewal2006.07.4,
Extraditing Canadians for US Laws2005.08.23, ,
Contradictory Pot Laws in Need of Immediate Reform2004.09.13,
Speaking Out on Safe Injection Sites2002.11.18, ,