Libby Davies Welcomes B.C. Supreme Court Decision on Medical Marijuana

Ottawa- Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East) welcomes the BC Supreme Court decision that Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Regulations are unconstitutional, and called on Ottawa today to scrap the existing regulations and implement a fair and accessible medical marijuana program.

“The medical marijuana program is overly bureaucratic and costly for users, and simply does not serve the needs of cannabis patients,” said Davies.

Hundreds of eligible clients of Canada’s program opt out after a short time because of prohibitive costs, leaving them with no alternative but to use private sellers, which is often illegal.

Libby Davies has long called for a federal audit of the program, which turns a profit for Health Canada. As recently as June, Davies wrote the Minister of Health demanding a public review of the flawed program, pointing out, among other problems, that doctors are reluctant to enroll patients in the program because of the high costs and poor quality of the cannabis the government supplies.

The Federal Court and other provincial courts have also found the current program to be too burdensome for patients needing the drug.

“Users of medical marijuana need to be treated with respect and dignity,” said Davies. “Ottawa must get on with the job of working with all stakeholders to develop and implement a program that meets the needs of its users.”