Discussing innovations in illegal drug policy

This evening MPs from all parties, alongside myself, are hosting An Expert Panel on Drug Policy Reform on Parliament Hill. I am looking forward to it!

Expert Panel on Drug Policy Reform

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you join us at An Expert Panel on Drug Policy Reform,
featuring Canadian and international panelists on drug policy reform.
Hear more about the global debate on innovations in illegal drug policy.

When: Tuesday, November 23rd at 7:00pm
Where: Room 237-C Centre Block

His Excellency Pedro Moitinho de Almeida
Ambassador to Canada from Portugal

Richard Van Wickler
Superintendent for the Cheshire County, New Hampshire Department of Corrections
Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Peter Vamos
Executive Director of Portage Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

Pierre Lemieux
Economist with the Universite of Quebec in Outaouais
Senior Fellow with the Montréal Economic Institute

Tara Lyons
Former Executive Director of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
PhD Candidate at Carleton University

Libby Davies, MP; The Hon. Keith Martin, MP, PC; Serge Menard, MP; and Scott Reid, MP.